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Micropilot FMR5x – Three reasons for smiling

Safety, precision and efficiency: Experience all three with the new Micropilot FMR5x

The new generation of free space radar devices for level measurement. Whatever the medium - liquids, pastes or bulk solids - free space radar devices enable non-contact level measurement independently of outside influences.


  • Hardware and software developed according to SIL 2 IEC61508, SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy, enabling operation without proven in use examination.

  • High-temperature and high-pressure version, gas-tight feedthrough and second line of defense, making it the perfect choice for a host of industries and requirements

  • High measuring accuracy (± 2mm) thanks to high measurement signal resolution. Dynamic evaluation algorithms and multi-echo tracking for maximum reliability and plant availability

  • Easy and intuitive operation based on the uniform loop-powered (two-wire) concept for flow and level. Clever data management with HistoROM ensures shorter maintenance times and simple operations documentation

  • Seamless system integration ensures consistent data flow and the effective use of information. Accurate instrument and process diagnostics for fast decision-making in the event of an error

Ultimate precision

The Micropilot FMR5x generation sets completely new standards: developed according to SIL 2 IEC 61508, all the instruments meet maximum safety standards and can be used directly without proven in use examination. As part of our uniform loop-powered concept for flow and level, Micropilot FMR5x offers users simple and intuitive operation for outstanding efficiency. With seven different device versions available, the Micropilot FMR5x is ready for use in a whole host of different industries.

Micropilot FMR5x - suitable for many industries

FMR50-57 Micropilot family

Radars developed according IEC 61508

Performance parameters you can rely on: Micropilot and Levelflex have been developed according to IEC 61508:2010 (Edition 2.0). This has been certified by the TÜV as an independent body. One of the specifications in this revised version is that only safety-relevant components may be taken into account when calculating characteristic safety values.

First manufacturer of radars according IEC 61508

The instrument's hardware was developed in accordance with SIL 2 and its software in accordance with SIL 3. This enables it to be used in safety instrumented systems in SIL 2, but also SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy. Endress+Hauser is therefore the first manufacturer to provide both radar methods according to SIL 2 IEC 61508 requirements.

No process interruption and and extended test interval

It is possible to extend the test interval (usually one year) to up to three years, all this without the need to interrupt operation and specialized knowledge. By means of a test sequence integrated in the software, the position and amplitude of the sensor signals are tested. A simulation then verifies the triggering of the safety function. This is possible with the free FieldCare operating tool provided by Endress+Hauser, or also via the instrument's display.


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