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Integrated volume, net oil and WC corrections for Coriolis

Petroleum Software Package for Promass Proline 300/500 as per API MPMS Chapters

The newly released Petroleum Software Package for the Proline Promass 300/500 transmitter platform provides the following added capabilities to the Endress+Hauser Coriolis sensors:

API Referenced Corrections

  • Standard volume and density corrections based directly on API MPMS Chapter 11.1

  • Includes all fluids: A B C D E

  • Includes all tables: (5/6) (23/24) (53/54) (59/60)

  • Pressure and temperature corrections (including alternate reference conditions)

  • Extra user parameters such as: Meter Factor, Shrinkage Factor, and Sediment & Water %

Net Oil & Water Cut

  • Net Oil volumes and Water Cut % determination based directly on API MPMS Chapter 20.1

  • Water Cut via the Coriolis meters’ density measurement

  • Water Cut brought in externally from a probe or third-party device

  • Oil volumes corrected for pressure and temperature per API MPMS Chapter 11.1

  • Extra user parameters such as: Meter Factor, Shrinkage Factor

Density & Temperature Weighted Averages

  • Calculated as per API MPMS Chapter 12.2

An easy and intuitive user set-up through the integrated Webserver functionality. Also available with Heartbeat Technology, providing inline verification without process interruption.

Target applications

  • Two and three phase separators

  • Oil wells

  • Allocation metering

  • Custody transfer metering

  • Separator water cut ©Endress+Hauser

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