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Talk to us... we can save you time and money when upgrading your plant!

Don't get stuck in the Stone Age!

If you're thinking about upgrading your plant, we'll show you how we can save you time and money!

Traditional mechanical flow and level transmitters have been superseded by modern transmitters with no moving parts for the majority of applications. Guided wave radar level transmitters, vibronic level switches and the array of modern flow technologies on offer from Endress+Hauser have a number of significant advantages both on new installations and as a direct replacement for equipment on your existing plant, reducing costs while increasing safety.


  • Personnel safety: Little or no mechanical maintenance on modern devices eliminates the need for personnel contact with process fluids.

  • Plant safety: Reliable measurement and self-diagnostics ensure a safe process.

  • Quality measurements: Precise repeatable measurement gives consistent quality of your end product.

  • Increased plant availability: Greater process uptime through reduced maintenance and calibration and the simplest possible SIL proof tests.

  • Simple: Easy installation with 2-wire loop powered and 4-wire powered devices.

Time to replace your old turbine, PD and dp flowmeters?

Modern flow technologies offer huge benefits over older mechanical devices, not only from reduced maintenance costs and increased safety but also by providing much more process data to allow more efficient running of your plant. For example, Coriolis meters provide up to 10 process measurements, including mass flow, volume flow, temperature, viscosity, density and concentration. Endress+Hauser also supplies vortex, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and thermal flowmeters for almost any application.

Modern level transmitters to replace mechanical devices

Traditional displacer level transmitters and float switches have been superseded by guided wave radar devices for a majority of level measurement applications. While the concept of a displacer or float is simple, the moving parts they rely on make them subject to the same issues that affect all mechanical systems, thereby reducing reliability. Fitting modern level transmitters that have no moving parts gives increased confidence in the measurement by removing the most common causes of failure.

  • Watch our animation > Good reasons to upgrade your plant

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