Prosonic Flow B 200 - The biogas expert in flow measurement

No need to compromise: Reliable biogas flow measurement with efficient loop-powered technology

With the new Proline Prosonic Flow B 200, biogases can be measured immediately without restriction even directly downstream from the fermenter.


  • Reliable measurement with premium accuracy (1.5% o.r.) and operable flow range (30:1), measurement also possible at minimum process pressure

  • Energy-saving - no pressure loss

  • Maintenance-free – no moving parts

  • Compact - no inlet and outlet runs

  • Versatile - irrespective of the make-up and wetness of a gas

Safe application without limitations

Proline Prosonic Flow B 200 is an industry-optimized ultrasonic flowmeter that measures the volume flow of biogas, landfill gas and digester gas reliably and very accurately even under very variable operating conditions.

  • Lowest process pressure (also negative pressure)

  • Wet and contaminated gases

  • Variable process conditions (pressure, temperature, gas composition)

Optimum process guidance and secure measurement results

  • In-line measurement of methane content

  • High level of accuracy (1.5% o.r.)

  • Accredited and traceable calibration

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Integrated measurement of methane concentration

Fermentation processes are not always plain sailing. If conditions tend to vary greatly, this can cause different concentrations of methane (CH4) in the biogas, which need constant monitoring. With high-precision sonic velocity measurement and an integrated temperature probe, the Proline Prosonic Flow B 200 allows users to measure the methane concentration directly in the pipe.

This is the first solution of its kind in the world and opens up completely new horizons:

  • Seamless monitoring of gas quantity and quality 24/7

  • Fast and targeted response in the event of problems in the fermentation process

Zuverlässige Biogas-Durchflussmessung in effizienter Zweileitertechnik ©Fotolia/Strandperle

No need to compromise: Reliable biogas flow measurement with efficient loop-powered technology

Reliable biogas flow measurement with the Prosonic Flow B200

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