Levelflex FMP5x –
The new Levelflex instrument family

The new generation of guided radar sets the standard in terms of safety and availability

Dynamic algorithms that learn as they go (multi-echo tracking) guarantee reliable measured values even in the most difficult conditions. FMP55 multi-parameter probe, combination of guided wave radar and capacitance probe for interface measurement even with emulsions. During commissioning, an in-built data memory (HistoROM) in the housing automatically backs up all the data, guaranteeing maximum data availability and short downtimes if maintenance is required.


  • Test cycle extended to 3 years

  • Reliable measured value even in the most difficult applications

  • Maximum data availability and shorter downtimes during maintenance

  • Trouble-free interface measurement with the multi-parameter probe


Levelflex FMP50-57 guided wave radar

Guided wave radar developed according IEC 61508

Performance parameters you can rely on: Micropilot and Levelflex have been developed according to IEC 61508:2010 (Edition 2.0). This has been certified by the TÜV as an independent body. One of the specifications in this revised version is that only safety-relevant components may be taken into account when calculating characteristic safety values.

First manufacturer of radars according IEC 61508

The instrument's hardware was developed in accordance with SIL 2 and its software in accordance with SIL 3. This enables it to be used in safety instrumented systems in SIL 2, but also SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy. Endress+Hauser is therefore the first manufacturer to provide both radar methods according to SIL 2 IEC 61508 requirements.

No process interruption and and extended test interval

It is possible to extend the test interval (usually one year) to up to three years, all this without the need to interrupt operation and specialized knowledge. By means of a test sequence integrated in the software, the position and amplitude of the sensor signals are tested. A simulation then verifies the triggering of the safety function. This is possible with the free FieldCare operating tool provided by Endress+Hauser, or also via the instrument's display.

Easy and fast commissioning - Levelflex FMP5x and Micropilot FMR5x

The Levelflex family

Multi-Echo Tracking - reliable level measurement even in most difficult applications

Multiparametersonde FMP55 - Safe and precise interface measurement also in case of emulsion

Capacitance measurement, guided wave radar and multi-parameter probe compared under real application conditions.

Precise measurement in steam applications with gas phase compensation

Simply unforgettable - HistoROM

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