Promass E/F 200 - The only true two-wire Coriolis

The flowmeter for most fluids in the chemical industry

The new Promass 200 is the first Coriolis measuring system to fully satisfy the current requirements of the chemical industry, and also to use loop-powered technology, which is the technology of choice among users.


  • Lower installation costs

  • Easy Integration into existing infrastructure

  • Common installation practice/expertise

  • Intrinsically safe ATEX concept enables a broad range of applications and flexibility in the hazardous area

Innovative loop-powered technology

With the innovative loop-powered technology for Coriolis flowmeters, considerable cost reductions are possible particularly when it comes to the planning and execution of new plants. It offers maximum in-operation safety. The new Promass 200 can be used universally in virtually every application in the chemical industry and offers the advantages of loop-powered technology for the following applications:

  • Most fluids in the chemical industry

  • Nominal diameter range DN 8 - 80 (3/8" - 3")

  • Process temperatures up to 205°C (401°F)

  • System pressures up to PN100 (1450 psi)


The Coriolis flowmeter for the chemical industry

Promass 200 is the first meter to fully satisfy all the requirements of the chemical industry:


Promass 200 - the uniform loop-powered instrument concept

In practice, users face increasing complexity as more and more measuring systems from a multiplicity of vendors come on the market. This results in a serious need for end-to-end concepts for reliable measuring systems. The new measuring instrument concept hones to perfection the uniformity of a total of six measuring principles and 24 instrument families.

The new Promass 200 unites the advantages of loop-powered technology with Coriolis mass flow measurement. The new two-wire concept for flow and level increases safety and unlocks cost-cutting potential in planning, procurement and operation.

Coriolis mass flow measurement with efficient two-wire technology satisfies all the requirements of the chemical industry

Promass E 200 ©Endress+Hauser

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Promass F 200 ©Endress+Hauser

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