Prowirl 200 - The most reliable in flow measurement

Safe and efficient plant operation with the highly versatile vortex meter

The Prowirl 200 is Endress+Hauser's next generation vortex meter. It unites time-tested sensor technology with the opportunities and advantages of the new, uniform loop-powered instrument concept for flow and level. For you, this translates to time and cost savings as well as maximum safety throughout the entire life cycle of your plant. The highly versatile flowmeter can be used with a whole variety of fluids in all sectors, such as liquefied gas, wet steam, nitrogen and natural gas.


  • Safe to operate: The world's first vortex meter developed to IEC 61508, suitable for safety instrumented systems according to SIL 2/3

  • Easy-to-use, compact design: First ever I/O module with an additional current input to integrate a pressure transmitter for compensated flow and energy measurements directly in Prowirl 200

  • Safe and efficient plant operation: Unique wet steam detection (condensate) function in Prowirl F 200

  • Simple to install: Short inlet runs corrected to 10 x DN in Prowirl F 200 without the need for a flow conditioner

  • Reliable: Long-term stability thanks to "calibration factor for life"

Main measuring tasks

Two versions of the vortex meter are available, based on the main measuring task: the basic version functions as a volume flowmeter, while the advanced version also acts as a mass flowmeter. The latter contains a temperature probe in the vortex sensor and a flow computer in the electronics system. This enables the compensated measurement of mass flow, heat flow and energy flow.

What's new?

  • Long-term stability thanks to "calibration factor for life"

  • Dual sensor version for safety instrumented systems to SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy

  • 17 languages supported

  • Optional display module with optical operating keys and color change to alert the user to diagnostic messages

  • Stainless steel 316L housing for compact and remote device version, option for operation at ambient temperatures down to -50 °C

Proline Prowirl 200


Prowirl D 200: Basic version as intermediate flange version

Prowirl D 200 product page >>>

Prowirl F 200: Standard version with flange connections. Suitable for wet steam detection, correction function for short inlet runs

Prowirl F 200 product page >>>

Prowirl R 200: Version with nominal diameter reduction for reliable measurement even at low flow rates

Prowirl R 200 product page >>>

Prowirl O 200: The specialist for high process pressures

Prowirl O 200 product page >>>


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