Assembly for process photometers

Flow assembly for process photometers ©Endress+Hauser

Flow assembly for a variety of optical inline measurements

OUA260 is the best-in-class flow assembly for absorption, color and turbidity measurements. Its ultra-hygienic design and certified biocompatibility meet the highest demands to protect your products reliably from contamination. Multiple process connections and available materials ensure a perfect fit and performance even in aggressive media. Better still, its low cell volume speeds up sensor response times, thus providing you with fast measuring values.

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  • Преимущества

    • Fast measuring values thanks to low cell volume

    • Suitable for cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP)

    • Certified biocompatibility according to USP class VI

    • Ultra-hygienic thanks to electropolished surface Ra=0.4 µm (16 µinch)

    • Extremely...

  • Область применения

    The OUA260 flow cell is used in combination with:

    • OUSAF12 Suspended solids and color sensor

    • OUSAF22 Color sensor

    • OUSAF44 UV absorption sensor

    • OUSTF10 Turbidity and suspended solids sensor

    Typical applications are:

    • Chromatography control

    • Filtration...

Характеристики и спецификации



  • Принцип измерения

    Абсорбция УФ-излучения

  • Применение

    Проточная арматура для применения с фотометрическими датчиками OUSAFxx и OUSTF10

  • Материал

    Корпус: SS316L, Кайнар (ПВХ), другие по запросу
    Окошки: Пирекс, Кварц или Сапфир

    Кольцевая покладка: Viton, силикон, EPDM, Kalrez

  • Рабочая температура

    0 ... 130 °C

  • Рабочее давление

    до 100 бар в зависимости от материала, диаметра и присоединения к процессу

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