Making Smart Solutions in Bosnia

IBEJ in Bosnia and Herzegovina launches a new corporate identity featuring a redesigned logo and website

IBEJ, our representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is unveiling its new corporate identity, an integral part of their long-term strategic goals. The new logo and corporate image are also supported by a new website:

Since its foundation in 2003, IBEJ has been exclusively committed to providing customers with exceptional products, solutions and services. The elegant “J” featured in the company’s new logo stands for two of IBEJ’s core values: job satisfaction and sound judgement. The letter’s dramatic swoop represents the dynamism of the staff and their passion for innovation.

Slogan reflects the core business

The new slogan “making smart solutions” sends a clear message that the core business lies in developing solutions for the process industry. The font used in the new corporate image conveys vigor and creativity, two of IBEJ’s fundamental strengths.

The blue in the logo remains unchanged, since blue is the color of ideas, vision and knowledge – all of which are integral parts of the past and the future. The new logo symbolizes IBEJ’s eagerness to explore new territory, and to work with their customers to find the very best solutions for each individual process.

Website fits the corporate design

In addition to the new logo and corporate identity, they have completely redesigned the IBEJ website. The new site features a sleek layout and completely revised content, making it a user-friendly tool. Their present and future partners can now conveniently find all the information they need online about the products, solutions and services for the process industry. The new website is a digital business card that says it all about who IBEJ is and what can be achieve by working together.

Logo ibeJ © i.b.e. Junuzovic

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